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Artist of the Month

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The featured artist of the month for December is Judith Ball of Canada!

Judith and her BearsHow did you get started in Bear-Making?

Serendipity...! Five years ago I went to a woodworking show with my husband in Massachusetes. In the next pavillon there was a Teddy Bear Show. I'd never heard of a collectible mohair bear as my back ground was in graphic design & children's clothing design. Curiousity got the best of me and we went in and had a look around, the bears "spoke" to me and I was hooked!

What Unique Quality's do your bears have?

BaileyI put hours of attention into the detail work in my bears, especially their noses. Each of my bears is a completely unique but nontheless very traditional teddy bear, nothing else, but then that's saying a lot! You see, I think there is something so intrinsicaly special about Teddy Bears that they don't need a lot of imbellishment. My bears are made to be hugged, like Teddy bears were originally intended for, not simply to be looked at & admired.

Your Opinions on bear-making today?

ErikWomen have for centuries spent thier lives working with textiles & nurturing thier families. Making teddy bears is a wonderful way to fill both these roles, even if our "families" now extend out to include collectors & other bear lovers !! It is understandable that so many people are getting into the business now. This industry has definately changed even in the few years since I became involved. There are more & more shows, collectors & artists entering it all the time. This is challenging us to become better at our craft all the time & it demands that we find new ways to market our work. The internet is the logical next step, Teddies in Cyberspace! Quite the concept, but it seems to be working!

Do you have any Feedback?

OttisMy bears "speak" to collectors all over the world now. Now ..just what they're saying, is quite another matter! I simply love my work! I especially love all those people out there who have made it possible for me to continue doing it. Thank you...!!



More of Judith's Bears


Yum Yum

Yum Yum


Flake - Judith's Donation to Bear Relief

Bears above in feature:


To see more of Judith's Bears please visit her website at:
Sweet-Williams' Teddy-Bears


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The Den would love to tell people about your bears!

Every month the Den chooses a new Artist as their Artist of the Month. We choose artists who offer quality products, have a unique story to tell and have an interested opinion or viewpoint on the hobby of bear making. If you feel you would like to submit yourself to this public forum we welcome you. Artists that are featured as an Artist of the Month get to display the button below on their page. Go here to get the script.
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What do you think of bear making today, please tell us your opinions on the hobby,
the players or any other topic that interests you.

Finally, it there any other comments or feedback you would like to submit?

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