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Our featured Artist of the Month for July is Eiman Alawi of Kuwait!

Miss BeautyWhat got you started with bear design?
I always love to involve myself with Art,craft & needle works in my spare time and also at the same time I love teddy bears since I was small.. In summer 1999 ,I was looking for something new and interesting to try , so during my online search around the web , I visited a miniature teddy bear web site , and was really surprised to discover how tiny the size of the bears and also for the 1st time, I got to know about the collectible type, as I used to collect some of the soft toy type teddy bears .. After one week, I made my first bear (4 1/2" tall) made of felt using a commercial pattern... from the beginning ,I loved bear making and was so happy to discover this lovely new hobby, and made from that pattern another 2 mohair bears in different mini sizes.. I started designing my own original patterns with my 4th mini bear , and just fell in love with the idea of designing a pattern and try it to see the end result ,it's kind of a real joy and a challenge at the same time.. I started selling my bears from my web site"Mini Bear Hugs" in August 2000 after making many mini bears & friends made of several kind of fabrics.

What unique quality or feature does your bears bring to the market? Bear Maker
I only make one of a kind bears, size 4" and under, mostly dressed bears but sometimes I try semi-dressed and rarely I make undressed bears.. I try to bring out the human in my teddies, and I love bruins dressed up as people - especially children, I like their innocent, cute looks, I love to include some accessories and companions to my bears to hug or carry!......For my bears, I use either mini mohair or vintage long pile upholstery fabrics .... each bear I make will have a special place in my heart, I really take my time to make one bear and I have to enjoy the process of making any one of them and give lots of love and tender care, as I belive the bear will reflect all the love I give to him/her...

I made 2 BIG bears (24" tall each) for the first time and I think it's my last time too , for Cheju Teddy Bear Museum (Seoul, Korea) ,as Arabian wedding couple , to see them you can go here. Also 5 of my mini bears are now in the Korean museum .... and 4 will go soon to the Puppenhausmuseum,BASEL (Switzerland).

BallerinaWhat do you think of bear making today?
First of all, I'm really happy that I belong to the bear world although I'm really far and a bit isolated from the real bear world, my only connection is through the Internet as I'm the only bear maker in Kuwait or maybe in the Arab world...I met many of my bear artists friends through online mailing lists , and through them ,books and magazines; I come to know about what's happening in this BIG and fast growing community of bear makers and artists......I love to hear about shows , bear events and conventions , and hope one day I will be able to attend one of these events.....
I think bear making today reached a high standard position and many new lovely designs and creations can be seen every day, so there are many challenges around in this bear world , so for the bear makers and artists have to work hard to keep up with the high standard & challenge, they have to develop and improve their creations all the time .... Clown in Action

Finally, is there any other comments or feedback you would like to Submit?
Yes, I only want to add and say: the great reward that I get from my hard work & time consuming in making my bears , is that my bears bring happiness and joy to all of my customers.. it's really a great feeling to know that one of my bear can bring a smile to someone's face! .


To see my bears and their friends ,please come and visit my web site : "Mini Bear Hugs" at: http://minibearhugs.com

Free Spirit
Free Spirit


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